About Us

Our Promise

At AeroIQ, we strive to exceed your expectations in all facets of private aircraft charter, management and aircraft sales. Our vast experience and connections in this industry allow us to diligently work as your advocate in providing the best service, support and communication and pricing possible.

Our Passion

We are led by a career business strategist and investment banker, and a former all star baseball player who share a love of aviation. As business owners and pilots we saw a marketplace full of inexperience, selling aviation with a goal to profit as much as possible. We launched AeroIQ to balance the playing field.

Our Goal

To provide fairness and transparency to the market.

We use our experience as businessmen, former fractional owners, aircraft owners and pilots who know the system, use it and can leverage that expertise to become your "aviation advocate" to serve you best.

You are successful in what you do. Our goal is to be your trusted partner so that when you fly, buy or sell, you know your team at AeroIQ is serving you with integrity.

Why fly with us?

  • Luxury and convenience for less than a jet card.
  • No long term commitments. We let you be in control.
  • No upfront fees, simply pay as you go.
  • Access to thousands of jets for any purpose, from the recreational to the business traveler.
  • Personalized travel consultant to ensure your trip exceeds your expectations.
  • Once you fly with us, you're family.
  • We adhere to the highest safety standards:
  • ARG/US Rated