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Mid Size Jets


Manufactured by Gulfstream, the G150 is an ideal choice for transcontinental business trips. With seating for six to eight passengers and two crew, the G150’s cabin offers large, fully reclining and swiveling seats. With pull-out tables and a full entertainment/electronics center, the jet provides the tools needed for business travelers to work in comfort and stay connected with their business. The cabin dimensions are 17.8 ft. in length, 5.9 ft. in width and 5.9 ft. in height allowing passengers to move freely throughout the cabin.


Learjet 55 / 60

The Learjet 55/60 offers full business amenities in a mid-size jet. The cabin is equipped with wide, comfortable seating, foldout tables, WiFi and phone access, and a full galley. The cabin is 17.8 ft. long, 5.9 ft. wide and 5.8 ft. high, and can comfortably seat eight passengers and two crew members. With a flight range, the 55 and 60 are good choices for cross-country trips.


Citation XL / XLS

The Citation XL and XLS are the most popular mid-size jets available, offering spacious cabins and ample storage for transcontinental trips. With a standard configuration that provides seating for eight passengers and two crew members, the XL and XLS cabins are 18.6 ft. long, 5.6 ft. wide and 5.8 ft. high. The cabins are equipped with wide, fully reclining seats, a side-facing sofa, foldout tables and full-equipped refreshment center.