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Commercial vs. Luxury: The Real Advantages of Flying Private

The first word that comes to your mind when you think of a private jet is probably luxury. And yes private jet lines add a more luxurious experience to flying but have you ever thought about the “extra baggage” a commercial flight really adds?

Commercial airlines mean major airports. Major airports mean additional travel time, more people, long lines, travel restrictions and a little bit of craziness. Here are a few advantages of flying private:

Save Time & Energy
Private jets do not need the same airport services as much larger airlines, therefor have the advantage of flying out of smaller, general aviation airports. There are more minor airports and one is most likely closer to your home then a major airport. You can cut down the travel time and avoid the major city traffic.

Skip Common Annoyances
The long lines at security checkpoints can be dreadful. Flying private skips the line and takes you straight to your flight. No checking in any bags, losing half of your wardrobe to go through the x-ray machine and taking out every electronic from your bag.

You Call The Shots
Private Jets are also on your time. You fly when you want too. Plus most private jet flights are also straight through without the need for that dreaded connection!

Privacy is Policy
Private jets really do mean private. You basically control who is on the flight. No crying babies, sitting behind one with awful perfume and of course the couple that decided to talk the whole entire flight. You can choose to sit in the peace and quiet or even blast your favorite music with appropriate timing dance party. And you can’t forget about your furry family members. No other passengers, no allergy restrictions. Your pets go, where you go.

Charting a private jets adds less stress when traveling. You have more control and can enjoy the experience how you want. When you are ready to book your next private jet charter give us a call and let us serve you. (855) 876-JETS.