Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to charter a private aircraft?

The cost to charter an aircraft depends on a variety of factors including, type of aircraft, origin and destination, number of passengers and other individual preferences. Flying private is not an inexpensive proposition. If privacy, quality of life, time and the ability to travel on your schedule is important, flying private is the way to go.

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Who operates the planes you book?

We only book with the highest rated carriers in the industry. We use Wyvern and ArgUS as well as ISBAO as our metric to determine crew training and safety compliance. We do not take shortcuts with little known aircraft operators or fleets that do not meet this stringent, non-negotiable, requirement for us. We provide our clients only the industry's best and most reputable operators.

Why should I NOT buy a pre-paid travel card?

Well, to put it bluntly, because you will lose every time. You see, the difference of a card product versus our product is our commitment to quality service. Our goal is to get you to your destination in the shortest amount of time possible. A card product's goal is to keep you in the plane as LONG as possible. Why? Because it is how they burn up the card. Add a tenth of an hour before you take off, then a tenth of an hour after you land and there you just used twenty percent of an hour (or somewhere around fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars) and you haven't moved more than a half a mile.

Furthermore, our goal is to make that aircraft go as fast as it should. Passengers sitting in the back often do not know that though. Many times the operators of these card products will actually slow the airplane down so it takes a little longer to get to your destination. Sometimes they fly a little more circuitous route rather than direct to the destination. These are just some of the tricks of the trade to burn up your card faster. Simply put, it is more expensive than our on demand charter prices.

We offer the same private aircraft fleet as our pre-paid card competitors. But if you do not want to be the one paying the most per hour for your trip, you should call us at AeroIQ. (For more information, visit our Pre-Paid vs. On-Demand Charter Services page)

How far do I have to book in advance to get the best price?

The short answer is the only advantage to booking a month in advance is that you are guaranteed a specific aircraft at a certain price. We believe that booking in advance is good, but we go a step beyond. In this business, there are times where a last minute availability means a lower price if that aircraft needs to move. We use that first price as a benchmark to always try and improve. It is not uncommon for our clients to actually get a credit as a result of our ability to find something on the same aircraft type (or better) for less money. This is just one of the many things that we do at AeroIQ to go above and beyond. (For more information, visit our Empty Legs page)

Who charters private jets?

Our clients are professional athletes, industry leaders, corporations, celebrities and those who recognize the value of private aircraft travel. It is about a quality of lifestyle and an ability to maximize and cherish your time. You can always make more money; you just can't make more time.