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Private Flights: Where Pets Are First Class Passengers

Leaving your beloved pet at home is just like leaving a family member behind. Trying to fly a commercial flight with pets is nearly impossible. Especially with the size restrictions, other passengers allergies and the hassle of the long walk through the airport. Flying private will make your trip an ease with your four legged friend in hand.

On your private jet flight, your pet will be nothing but comfortable. There is no putting your pet in a crate as cargo or being left in a carrier placed on your lap. Your pets will feel as if they are right at home. You can enjoy the flight curled up with your furry companion. Some private jets may even offer special treats just for them.

Private Jets are also even safer for your pets. Like mentioned before, there is no putting your pet in a crate and put below as cargo.With commercial flights that usually happens unless your dog can fit right in your purse. They will most likely get treated like any normal suitcase. Being thrown around during the flight can be dangerous for your pet. Your pet can also get scarred getting put in a dark, unfamiliar space.

Flying private with your pet is not only beneficial for them but can keep your mind at ease. Flying commercial comes with the long lines and walks through the airport. You know how many people can be, that stop and pet every cute furry friend they see. When you fly a private jet, you can walk straight to the plane with with no distractions.

Where You Go, Your Pet Goes
If you don’t want to leave your furry best friend at home then flying private is right for you. Your pet will be comfortable, safe and you can enjoy your flight in peace. When you are ready to plan your next trip, Aero IQ will take you away. Give us a call and speak to the aviation advocate today.(855) 876-JETS.